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Shoulder holster for a p230/232

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I have been looking for a shoulder holster for my sig p232 for awhile. Since the p230 and p232 are not common hand guns holster selection is really limited and shoulder holster selections are either 15 years old or non-existent. I also, didn't want to pony up $200 for a custom option.

Well, I figured the pistol shape is similar to a Walther PP and tried the Galco Classic Lite shoulder holster for it. Although the amazon site listed the holster for both the PPK and PP, there is no way in the normal configuration it would fit the longer PP.

I removed the tension grommet that allowed the P232 slide further back into the holster and it fits well. I finally got the time to wear it and run it out at the range, and it seems to work fairly well. I was worried about the pistol snagging the front site but it seems to draw just fine. Maybe a touch more friction that would be normal but it works and is much more comfortable to carry than IWB or while driving. I'll try to get some pictures.