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Sig P226 X-Five Black Beauty (see below)

SHOT 2012 has come and gone, and news outlets the world over are catching up on posting pictures and details of Sig's new offerings. Here we've compiled a rundown of the new handgun lineup (pictures are from the official Sig Sauer Facebook page / details and specs are from the blog).

Keep in mind that this is not a definitive collection of new models, but is compiled from current sources.

SIG P238
New models and updates:
- Ambidextrous safety to become optional or standard on all or most P238 models.

P238 Desert
Hogue rubber grips w/finger grooves
Optional ambidextrous safety lever
Standard night sights

P238 Scorpion
Standard ambidextrous safety lever
Hogue G-10 grips
Standard night sights

SIG P938
New models and updates:
- All models come standard with ambidextrous safety, night sights, and compatible with Crimson Trace P238 trigger guard laser.

P938 Rosewood

P938 SAS

P938 Equinox

P938 Extreme
Extended 7-round magazine included

SIG P224
New models and updates:
- Currently all models are offered in DAK: double-action only, with DA/SA models to be offered later in production.

P224 Nickel

P224 SAS

P224 Extreme

P224 Equinox

SIG 1911
New models and updates:

SIG 1911 Desert

SIG 1911 MAX
Flat trigger
Hogue G-10 grips
Koenig hammer
Target rear sights, fiber optic front sight blade
Available in .45 ACP (cap: 8 rds) and .40 SW (cap: 9 rds)

SIG 1911 Fastback Nightmare

SIG 1911 Fastback Nightmare Carry

SIG 1911 Fastback Nightmare (Rosewood grips)

SIG 1911 Spartan
"MOLON LABE" inscribed on the slide and grip
Spartan helmet insignia on the grip
Custom finish

SIG P226 X-Five
New models and updates:

P226 X-Five Black White

P226 X-Five Black Beauty

SIG P210
New models and updates:

P210 Legend Super Target
In addition to the above, the P250 Subcompact will now be offered in .380 ACP.
And of course, let's not forget the Sig ACP.

That's all for now! Next up, we'll post the new rifles that have been shown off.

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Nice pictures, thanks for posting! That TT 224 is calling to me

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That X5 Black Beauty is one fancy shootin' iron! That's one for the Exotic wood display case for sure.
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