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Short but good range sesion

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I haven't had much to talk about since I got m new Sig since I've been at work for days and my new to me gun has been sitting on the counter, but today I finally made to the range. Last week I trade a kimber micro 9 for a sig p238 blackwood. I wasn't happy with the kimber from day one. It jammed really bad at first and finally got somewhat broke in but still jammed occasionally. I just didn't trust it. plus It didn't feel that great in my hand and was extremely snappy. Not the worst gun out there by any means but just not for me. Anyway, made the trade and took the 238 to the range today. It shot 50 rounds of blazer brass fmj flawlessly. I got some tulammo in the trade which I did't really want but I took it any way. I shot about 15 rounds or so of that **** thru it and it jammed on every mag as I expected. Then a severe tstorm cut my session short but I did find out that the sig is worlds above the kimber in my book. I absolutely love this gun. Granted it was only 50 rounds but sometimes you can just feel it. It will be my edc after I get a few more rounds down range and get a cc holster. (Any opinions on holsters would be appreciated, Iv'e always been a Crossbreed guy).
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Another welcome from the Badger state here.

I read on here that the steel casings of the Tulammo ammo just doesn't work as well, at least in the P938 or P238. I have stayed away from steel casings just because I read in here the P938 doesn't like em.
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