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First off I love both guns.

These are my first non revolver guns..

Been practicing with both, have probably 1000 rounds through the 320 and 500 now through the 238

Note: I had gotten 8r/6f sight asetup and went with 8/8 because my POA/POI was consistantly low > 10 yards, which definitely helped.

My conundrum is this, and would appreciate some input/advice, and sorry I do not have pics

At 10 yards: (range I go to outdoors only has 10/25/50/100/200)

I can consistently hit 1-2" groups with the 238, where with my 320 I am shooting 2-4" or more

Any tips for shooting the 320 as accurately as the 238?

I come from shooting exclusively a S&W Model 69 38 spcl, 2" barrel 80's model, that I shoot 1-3" (depends on day/if it was first shots of day etc)
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