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Cant really call it a range day because we were out in the desert so "shooting day"

So the guy I shoot with seems to always have a cool new drill to do and I kind of never know what it is until we get there. I brought out my 226 with a new holster I am trying out, my 229 to get some draw practice from an appendix and my Ruger GP100. While I have carried appendix truth is .. I have never tested for speed and accuracy from that postion so .. today was the day. I normally carry on the hip but .. there are times when appendix is convineint and I dont mind with a DA/SA

First we started out with what is Called the Collateral Damage Drill. Its based on a scene in the movie .. collateral damage

Here is someone running the drill

We diverged a bit.
Sky Ecoregion Land lot Landscape Plant

In ours we were back 5-6 yds or so from the center target and the targets are at slightly different distances front and back and we have them spaced right to left more than what you see in the videos. The drill is more comonly done with targets right next to each other like in the movie.

The Head on both our targets is VERY small and the head on the right is just a 3.5 in x 3.5 in box to represent the head and the one on the left is a desert sized paper plate. About half the size of the paper plate on teh center target.

The white piece of cardboard you see on the leg of the right Target is supposed to represent the head of the guy that in the movie is falling down after already being shot.

Hands away from your holster, you wait for a random buzzer, draw and fire two into the chest of the one to the right, shoot 2 into the chest in the one right in front of you, shot one into the "head" of the one on the left and then come back and shoot the white target that is low on the target stand leg to the right. That was the first guy you shot in the chest and when you came back around he was falling or getting up so you popped another into his head low.

Did this several times with the 226 from my OWB holster .. My time was about 4 seconds. Scootch under but that was it. Sun was in my eyes and all :rolleyes:

Still all great hits with tight tight groups, all three head shots dead on. We use the Tee shirts because unlike shooting at a target you have no real frame of reference. There is no big white mark to hit so you still have to shoot A zone but sense where that would be.. as if in a real defensive encounter. At the end of your turn you lift the shirt and check your shots. If they are not solid A zone with good grouping you blew it. White plate on the center target is there because I took the photo after some other drills.

Then ..

So this is the revolver drill we did today with my GP 100

Target: 8-inch circle with a 3×5 vertical box in it, . The 3in × 5in box is the primary scoring zone.

Three Yards

1: Draw and fire 3-rounds in 3-seconds. Go to ready.

2: From ready, fire 2-rounds in 1.5 seconds. Load and holster.

3: Strong hand only, (right Hand for Righty's) draw and fire 3-rounds in 3-seconds.

Transfer revolver to support hand. Left hand for Right handed people. So shooting lefty!!

4: From ready, support hand only, fire 2-rounds in 2-seconds. Load and holster.

Five Yards

6: Draw and fire 3-rounds in 3-seconds. Go to ready.

7: From ready, fire 2-rounds in 1.5 seconds. Load and holster.

Seven Yards

On the beep, fire 3-rounds in 3-seconds. Go to ready.

9: From ready, fire 2-rounds, manually reload with only 2-rounds, and fire ( I reloaded with the reloader from my pouch)
Has to be done with reload in 15 seconds

10 Yards

10: Draw and fire 3-rounds in 5-seconds at the 3" x 5" target

I thought I would botch the support hand shots since I rarely practice shooting support hand .. I do a couple a range visit but its nothing I focus on but .. in that green card.

I did some straight up timed draws from the holster with the 226. No transition between targets just 6 yds out, draw and fire. A bunch from appendix with the 229 and once I figured it out my time was about even with Hip holster. Still around 1.6 seconds from the buzzer to first shot from the holster.

Not the best when you are talking competitive shooters in the sport who practice 5 days a week or even the guy I go shooting with who almost consistently goes 1.3 seconds from IWB .. but I am just out there having fun.

Sent a few rounds just target shooting with the 226 at 10 yds at the 3.5" x 5" green and they all were direct hits. LOVE THAT 226!!!

It was fun. I havent been outside shooting in about a month and I got to play with my GP100, Sig 229 and the Sig 226 and it was beautiful out early in the desert and while the sun can kick your butt even early .. it was cool for Arizona summer.

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Your target construction is so delightfully politically incorrect... and the exercises so useful. Well done.
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