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Sent my pistol to the Mother Ship.

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I have read your web pages for some time and decided to get on-board. I shoot both long guns and handguns quite a bit and have done so since the 50's. Yep, I'm an old Kentuckian.

On March 3, I purchased my only Sig, a P238 SAS. As I cleaned the little pistol for its first trip to the range I found that it was almost impossible to engage the safety with the hammer cocked. It works fine with the hammer down but not cocked. (Can't believe I missed that flaw before purchasing it.) Anyway, I called Sig and they fixed it right away.

Since I have seen several questions asking how long is the service work turn around, I thought I would list my experience with Sig as a reference point for some of those questions. Here goes:

SIG P238
SN: 27Bxxxxxxxxx

PROBLEM: The thumb safety was very difficult to engage.

3-6-17 Called Sig Customer Service 1-603-610-3000 (8:30 - 6p EST)

3-6-17 Sig emailed a prepaid FedEx shipping label - shipped pistol from
KY at 5PM - Tracking #: 77858xxxxxxx

3-8-17 Pistol arrived @ the Sig Sauer plant Exeter, NH @ 9:48AM - signed for
by K. Bailey

3-14-17 Spoke to Sig Customer Service and was told the pistol was ready to
ship but a sever blizzard will delay shipment.

3-16-17 Called Sig Customer Service and was informed FedEx picked up the

3-17-17 At 12:23 AM I received notice from Sig showing the pistol shipped at
12:15 PM on 3-16-17 - Portsmouth, NH - #785xxxxxxx with delivery
estimated on 3-20-17 before 8 PM.

3-20-17. Received the pistol today @ 2 PM.

The safety is better.

Complete turn-around took two weeks exactly. It would have been a bit quicker if the weather had been nicer.

Hope this satisfy's someone's curiosity.
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Welcome on board.
I'm by no means an expert as I learn something new every day, but in the last 37 years I managed to acquire some experience with handguns.
I still practice shooting at least twice a week.
Full frame SIG Sauers and classic USGI 1911s have always been my favourite guns.
This is one of the best gun forums among the several I belong to.
Shoot safe.
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