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Safariland- Weird Issue with their Website

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Quick story. I was looking at Safariland's website to see if they make an ALS (Active Locking System is what I think the acronym stands for) holster for my P250 Compact. So I went to their Holster Finder feature and entered all the information about the pistol. It had several fields where the data was pre-entered; barrel length 3.88", what calibers, etc. Then it provided a list of holsters that would fit. According to the system, only 6 holsters fit the gun- and all cost upwards of $125.

Well, that didn't seem right. So I went to Ebay, where I found a Safariland ALS concealment paddle holster for $50. Now, this was not one of the listed models on their website. So I went back to Safariland and looked up that model of holster... and in the list of guns it was made for, there was the P250 Compact... with 3.9" barrel. So I went to the top of their page and tried to enter a P250 in the "gun model" section- and it told me that my gun would not fit their holster. Because it has a 3.88" barrel, apparently.

This is not the first time I've had their company site tell me that a holster didn't exist, and then bought the holster somewhere else. Someone needs to whip that site into shape. I volunteered, last time... but never heard back. Maybe it was the humorous way I expressed myself.
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Try using its an ecom site for Safailands r&d divison. I bought a 7ts from them for my mk25 which everyone said wasnt availabel. Spoke with an engineer that made one and was perfect
Thanks for the link... they make a 7TS for the P250 as well which Safariland denies having. Wish I'd known that yesterday. Guess I'll wait a couple months and order another holster. You can never have too many after all...

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I agree. I've had similar issues and no longer frequent their site as the result. They make good stuff! One might think they would invest in a better site.
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