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S&W rebates

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Anyone else considering using the $75 rebate to get a shield? For roughly $250, really considering one of these. Pretty solid little shooter, not much need because I have a 938 I use for certain situations depending on my atttire. Of course need usually has little to do with getting a gun. Lol. Have a suspicion if I got one there's a good chance it would replace my 938.
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Dismas and Malicious Compliance.
Both of you used the word NEED when talking about getting another gun.
What is wrong with you? Need has absolutely nothing to do with another gun.
(Just ask my wife.)

In any event I do have a Shield 9mm and it is hard to beat. Never had a single glitch with a few hundred rounds of everything you can think of as far as ammo. Nothing at all like a Kimber I have that costs a lot more.

Just looked at my list. The Shield is not listed, neither is a CZ 2075 Rami I just got. (Just needed that!)
Oh yeah, a Ruger LCPll also.

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So I ended up getting the shield. $315 so with the rebate, $245. Pretty hard to beat. The shield will battle with my 938 for the times when I need deep concealment or when I wear a suit. While I really like the 938, I always struggle with adjusting my grip so I don't hit the slide release and lock back the slide. I'm really accurate with that little gun and it's a breeze to conceal obviously due to its tiny size but it really is a good shooter. Problem is I don't like the idea of having to adjust my grip specifically for that gun and because I don't carry it that often, it takes extra training and a fair amount of work to prevent that. Not a big fan of having to change my fundamentals just for a particular gun. Which is a shame because I really like it. My hands I think are just a little too big for that gun. In steps the shield.

Nice ergos for a smaller gun and shoots pretty well. Trigger is not great, I measure 6.5 - 7lbs. Not terrible, but when compared to all my sigs, well there is no comparison but didn't expect it to be anywhere close to those. Slide is pretty stiff, but I'm sure will loosen up over time.

The apex trigger would be a great improvement and the gun could use some decent night sights. At that point the upgrades will be more than I paid for the gun, lol. I can see how a few of those upgrades can make the shield an excellent carry option. But all in all, for $245 it's a pretty nice gun, with or without the upgrades.
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