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Ruger Mark IV 2/45 Tactical

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Please help and thanks in advance.

Thinking about getting a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Tactical.

Can the top rail be removed and does ruger supply replacement screws?

In competition I'll use CCI Mini-Mags.

For range rounds I'd like to use Winchester m-22 rounds; anyone using m-22? How's the reliability?


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Top rail comes off with 3 screws. Quality control doesn't seem great. I bought mine about a year ago and it was missing the firing pin retaining pin so when I fired it the first time it nearly destroyed the gun. I sent it off and they rebuilt it.

When it came back the rear sight was so far to the left it was about to fall out and the gun was WAYYYY off. I reset the sights and have had no problem since.
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