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Rothco vest ??? any opinions ?

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I find the sizing chart very confusing.
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I conceal carry with a shoulder holster and a vest often.

If you don't mind the fishing vest look and the fact that you can't draw unless you open a zipper, it's maybe for you. The retention looks questionable, to be sure. Keep in mind the holster and giblets are likely to flop all over the place as they are attached to a loose vest, not you. I'd say hard pass for me. More flexible to have a shoulder holster (and likely better draw and retention) and then have the possibility of using various vests for concealment.
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I am thinking of buying a rothco vest for traveling.
The pick pockets will get confused.

This particular model vest is meant for concealed carry.
might be a decent photography vest. looks like I could carry a couple three primes and all the other stuff photography required
Most motorcycle vests have concealed carry pockets and you don't look like your Uncle Buck on a expedition
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I’ve used a 5.11 with their modular velcro components, a Bluestone vest, and a leather cowboy / biker vest.
Normally I use it as intended: a cover garment. When I have used the hidden pockets, higher works better than lower. Pectoral area vs. closer to the waist.
Very versatile system but with obvious downsides
On a summer’s day you might as well just wear a hat with “I’m Carrying!” written on the front.
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The sportsman/photographer/fishing vests are comfortable as a light concealment garment. (I have never, nor plan to, carry my weapon in one of the pockets, though. I’m not a pocket carrier.) From a concealment perspective, you can find these vests much cheaper than the price of the Rothco.

There are some other nice affordable casual vests that you can use for concealment, if you want something with a less utilitarian look.
Not my cup of tea.
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The "shoot me first" vest. Does it come with a free pair of white leather New Balance shoes?
Vest arrived today.
I find it difficult to get the double zipper started.

I am very pleased. The XL size is a bit roomy, but OK.

I primarily purchased it to thwart pickpockets when traveling in other countries.
Just figured I might as well buy the gun related version which has different interior pockets.

Thanks for your inputs.
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