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Romeo 5 question

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Hi, is anyone know details behind Romeo 5 original factory? It is looking lie twins brother of some existing Holosun or Primary Arms red dot. Is it really made by Sig or rebranding of Holosun?
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I did't see you're post until I already posted in someone elses. I watched a "torture" test of a Romeo5 on YouTube and he mentioned that as well. I hadn't heard that until then and was curious myself.
Yes, I bought the Holosun HS403B when it was fairly new and in my investigation there was a reference to Holosun providing IP / manufacturing to Primary Arms and Sig. I wanted the "shake awake" which PA and Sig did not have at that time - MOTAC on Sig now. The Sig Romeo 5 is almost exactly the same functionality as the HS403B but Sig did a nice job of repackaging especially the battery chamber. Sig made the package more stealthy and sexy - yes I bought the Romeo 5 for another AR. The battery slide in on the HS403B is a bit scary although I have had no problems (be careful!). My 2 cents.
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