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Relearned my fundamentals

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So I've been shooting for a while now, I'd say it's been one of my main hobbies for the last 12 years. I've taken many classes, gone out shooting with a very wide variety of shooters. I've always taken pride in having decent fundamentals and I may not be the best shooter but I'm safe and shoot fairly well. My goal has always been to learn something every time I'm at the range and get better every time.
Last weekend, I had a CPL class since I moved back to Cleveland and need to get my Ohio license. As usual, I went into it with an open mind and respect for my instructors, but didn't think I'd really learn anything new about shooting. Figured it would be like my last CPL class where I'm helping the instructors babysit first timers.
I ended up in a discussion with one of the instructors and a guy that shoots competitively that had also just moved here from Wyoming. We were talking about grip and they told me my entire grip should be in my left hand. When I grip, hold the pistol with my main hand firmly, but not as hard as I had been holding before, and pull toward my body with my left hand very firmly. In fact, my entire grip on my right hand should come from pushing the pistol to keep it in place. The guy that does competition shooting said he's seen guys grip/pull so hard with their left that they start bleeding from their knuckles and joints on their right hand. Now I've never shot this way, expect on rifles when you pull the stock into your body, but I gave it a go, pulled pretty hard with my left hand. I don't know why this is my first time hearing this, because it instantly took me to a new level of recoil management. Put about 300 rounds down range, 100 of 9 40 and 45. I can honestly say that I could carry any caliber now and it doesn't make a difference to me. My sights barely move and it has made the biggest difference in getting back on target. I've always just squeezed by grips, pushing out straight with both hands.
Anyways, this thread was for anyone like me that never heard this before. Try it out, it'll also help in your trigger discipline. Learn something new every day!
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Congrats jko42, you sure got your moneys worth out of that CPL class. :cool:

I also learned to use my "weak" hand for most of the support and grip pressure. With my strong hand I grip my pistol with a handshake type grip pressure and my pinky just kind of lays on the grip using my other two fingers to pinch my pistol grip into my strong hand front to back rather than a monkey grip.

IMO this is an excellent video by Shannon Smith about pistol grip in detail and he goes over using the support hand for most of the grip pressure on the pistol.

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