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Recoil spring weight for 9mm minor USPSA

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Hello all,

I'm going to pick up my full size p320 in a week or so, was wondering if I need to get a lower spring weight (and which one) for 9mm minor loads. I'm unaware if such a spring exists yet as I'm doing my research today.

And a side question, has anyone felt that the stock barrel does better with a heavier weight 9mm (124 or 147gr).

Thanks for your help.
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pun11, welcome to the forum from the southwest corner of Indiana. One of the things I have noted, is that I have not been able to find anyone marketing "flat wire aftermarket springs". I guess you're stuck with factory offerings at this time.
The best way to determine which weight would be best, is to try an assortment. Each individual weapon will have it's likes and dislikes, that transcends make and model.
That's part of the fun, when acquiring a new weapon, of breaking it in!

Just as it's wise to break in a weapon to be used for self defense, the same would be true, for one used in competition!

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With the 1911's I have, it's possible to change recoil springs to change how the gun reacts and where the gun returns to after firing.

Unless Sig or aftermarket makes variable spring rates I'm not so sure how much you can do.
Soft recoil springs and a recoil buffer worked well for my style of shooting but it was just a matter of trying a spring and firing 50 to a 100 100 rounds through it to see what I liked.

Not familiar with the P320 so not sure what will work for you.


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I installed Springer Precision’s guide rod and used a 10# Wilson Combat recoil spring since I have an assortment of those for my 1911. This is my setup shooting 124 Gr FMJ with 4.1 Gr of Winchester 231. Soft felt recoil, no muzzle flip and very soft shooting. Chronoed at 132 PF for USPSA minor.

I’m using the same reloads for my CZ Shadow 2 and TSO also.
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