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Reaching for 1,000 yards

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Going to be heading to TN (Dead Shot Zero) next weekend for a friend's birthday party. Plan on taking my .308. with to try and reach 1,000. Currently have a Diamondback 4-12 on it, but I feel like that might not be enough to see the target. Was looking at the 6-24 version, but had seen a couple bad reviews that have me kind of questioning it.

Anyone have any recommendations on something? Trying to keep it $600 or less after taxes/shipping. Thanks!
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You may want to use at least 175gr ammo @ 2600 fps. or better 185gr. if there's much wind. You'll want 20 moa built in your scope base. It'll take a good scope to be able to see your target @ 1K.
Check out Arken Optics. Nephew competes in extreme long range and uses one, not on all of his builds through
Most 1k yard shooters are running Nightforce or Leupold scopes. You will be able to see the target with your current scope but, due to mirage, you probably won't be able to see scoring rings on the target. 16x maximum magnification will work and that is what I used to have on my 1K rifle.

There are several option and multiple price ranges available. I have a Leupold LR 8.5 x 25 on my mid range rifle and it would work for 1k yds. but, I would probably opt for more power on the high end. The suggestion about using 175gr. or even 185gr. (Berger) bullets is sound. Even with those bullets, they will be subsonic or heading that way at 1K.

Go have fun. Its a great range with electronic targets. Once you try it, then you can determine what you might need if you plan to play that game.

Good luck and good shooting!

In that price range check out the Vortex Viper HST. It's a 6-24x50. Comes in right at $600.
Not many reticle choices, but not bad. I've owned several solid Vortex scopes.

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Watch this video from a very talented sniper and he may be able to give you a couple of pointers.
I tried a DB 6-24 on my .308.
Took it out once and sold it.
Replaced it with an Arken 4-16x50.
Much better scope in the $400 range.
The SH5 6-24x50 is in the $500 range and has better glass.
No need for a 20 MOA cant scope mount, after dialing in 37.5 MOA for 1000 yds there is still about 25 MOA left to go before the turret bottoms out.

The Arkens are a bit on the hefty side though, my 4-16 is 45 oz with a Midwest Industries mount.

I tried it on my SPR but it makes that rifle a lot heavier than I wanted so went with a Nightforce 2.5-10x42.
I shot the thousand yard range at Sig a few times with my Remington 700P with a Sig Tango 6 x 24. Like many ranges that distance they don't use scoring rings but steel.
You're gonna get what you pay for in that situation. I run Leupold only now. Tried vortex, didn't like. Nikon just isn't good enough.

1000 yards takes alot of scope to see. Good luck and take a look at the leupolds
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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