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Wanted to give first impressions of the Radian Raptor CH -LT.

The length of the latches is maybe only a centimetre longer than the original OEM which I guess is good and bad depending why you want this. I am left handed and the Larue mount latch is a little in the way of the TA31 Acog so convinced myself I needed this. Also i obviously have been taking the FDE thing too far. I have a dust cover on order but still a month out. The color of the polymer is easy to get right while I think perhaps the geissele charging handle may be a little bronze / shiny. I heard that about the Spike's billet dust cover anyways.

Well not to much to say about a CH I guess so not so bad for my first review. I wish they made it with the double "grippe" (the 2 claws that grab the upper). I feel like that is the biggest reason not to go aftermarket. SIG does make a extended latch version I hear so that is probably the best route but no FDE...

The packaging indicated that the Raptor LT CH was not compatible with the rattler. I read the other threads about short barrels not working well with some MCXs not sure if it was just a rattle problem the thread was about. Please let me know if I can provide any info. Not too much to these days.


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