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Finally got the two Gemtech cans after 11 months!

Here is my first trip to the range with my Sig MK-25 Navy (P226) and Ruger 22/45 Lite. They had GM-9 and GM-22 cans. It was an indoor range and I fired "dry."
MK-25 20 rds Rem 115 FMJ - perfect function, a little smokey. 20 rds 115 FMJ reloads using HP-38 - perfect function. 20 rds 147 FMJ (subsonic) reloads using HP-38 - perfect function.

I shot with ten rds per clip and took a pause to collect brass. By the end of 60 rds, the can was hot to the touch. No POI change and the can backed off a bit after each clip; I will try Blue Locktite 242 the next time.

I also ran about 90 rds of .22 thru the Ruger. I functioned perfectly with HV, but would not cycle with CCI Quiet. The POI seemed to move high and right in the 6 ring.

Next time I will try the GM-9 on my MPX and Wilkinson Linda
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