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Range report, P320SC

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Another boring range report (kind of).....and I love it.
Have a brand new P320sc that I took to the range today.
Had previously cleaned and lubed....standard procedure for me.
Disassembly initially was a pain in the fingers. Never had such a difficult time rotating the takedown lever. Weird. Apparently this has been encountered by others.

Put 100 9mm American Eagle 147 gr flat nose rounds thru it. Perfect, not a single glitch.
I used this because I had about 500 rounds of this that I bought to break in a Kimber. Recommended by a lot of Kimber folks. Didn't work worth a dam on the Kimber. Had a lot of problems.
Anyway, no problems at all with the Sig. Put another 100 rounds of various 115gr FMJ ammo thru it. Again no problem.
Weelll not quite. I loaded Sig hollow points in a mag and pulled the trigger. Fired okay but.....the brass didn't eject. Pulled back the slide and ejected.
Fired again eject.
This time I ejected on the bench so I could look at the brass.
Who the hell put .380 in my 9mm??????????????????

Okay, okay, I did it. Saw the box marked Sig and decided that's the hollow points I'll try first. Didn't have any .380 guns with me and thought I had left all that ammo behind.
Now I know, .380 will fire in a 9mm, but not auto eject.
After loading up with 9mm again, about 50 rounds of various hollow points, not a single problem.
It's what I expected and hoped for and am pleased with the results.
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Glad you are liking the 320sc. I have a carry and full size.. both great shooters. I've not shot a sub yet. Been thinking a bit lately about needing one.. you know how it goes. Glad your .380 mishap just failed to eject. The only time I chambered the wrong round in a gun I was lucky it didn't blow up in my face. A 7mm Cartridge will chamber in a 7.65x53 mauser and feel seated. Not recommended.

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I'm in the market for the SC, and trying to decide between Siglites -which I have on my P229 and X-Rays - with which I have no experience. What sights do you have and can you share any experience?
I was going to get the Siglites but want to get a hi viz front sight so stayed with the regular ones.

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I've always liked the Siglites - they serve their intended purpose well. And you can get them stock which is nice.

However, I recently got a P320F Tacops and it has a TFO front and Siglite rear. Gotta say, I really like the setup. I like it more that Siglites front and rear. But the TFO is pretty long. For an SC, I would opt for Siglites.

I've been thinking about trying x rays recently, but not sure how I'd feel about the blacked out rear.

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Thanks for the range report. Enjoy and be safe.
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