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Here is a pic of my "Glock" Inforce APL-C on my M&P40 M2.0 with the 5" barrel. The compact is 200 lumens but I think it's plenty for home defense. 200 outdoors on an AR may be a little light (pun intended), but in the home I think it is more than enough. The ambi paddles are very easy to manipulate, the new factory stippling is very nice compared to the previous model. Currently the compact is only listed for the "Glocks" as it is a flush fit on the G19 but you can see it fits other firearms as well. They are supposed to release a compact for other models in June. I don't know if it will be a different length than the Glock one or not. I seen no need to wait as I thought it would fit perfectly on the rail under the 5" barrel, and it does. I have seen the Glock compact on 229's, P320's, VP9's already too. I have a 226 Legion and a FS P320 but I have not fitted those yet. I primarily got it just for my M&P. I think the rail situation on your 1911 will be similar to my M&P. Hopes this helps.

Oh and before others ask I do not experience hardly any barrel shadow (if at all noticeable) as if you would if you have your light positioned poorly like on an AR. So I was more concerned with it looking nice on the rail rather than being flush with the barrel or worse I don't like when the light protrudes past the barrel. I don't like large bulky lights. They seem very unnecessary with the LED and lithium battery tech available.

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