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Good Deals! ^^^^^

Here's where I purchased my P238 Sport 12 from last November:
Smoky Mountain Guns & Ammo

I paid $499, now it's $479!!! (Free shipping, and no tax for my state)
However, mine came with 2 - 6rnd mags, and 1 -7rnd mag. Not sure if this current offer comes with 2 or 3 mags. It does include TFO Nite sights and Hogue grip.

PSA adds $17 shipping, and for my state $35 tax. Also the PSA P238 Sport 12 appears to ship with only 2 mags.

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Nice price! My first SIG was a P938 Sport 13. Cost a lot more!
My first weapon was the of PSA's $599 P938 deals they would have fairly regularly, 3-4 years ago. I haven't seen PSA do that price on a P938 for a long time, but then again, I haven't been looking.

I should have heeded the warnings and sage advice from more experienced gun enthusiasts at this (and other) site(s), and realized my FIRST weapon shouldn't be a, "cocked-and-locked," 1911-style weapon. I still can't yet wrap my mind around carrying cocked-and-locked, and much prefer a DA/SA. It's all a mindset, but one safety lever and a light trigger pull just doesn't do it for me...and at least a 1911 has the extra grip safety on it, that are absent in these P938s.

Also, though, I am happy for all the P938 owners, that the "growing pains" the model had experienced seem to have been sorted-out. And make no mistake, I believe the tenacious, unyielding feedback that Sig Sauer received from a handful of members here at SigTalk made ALL the difference between SS simply ignoring a major design flaw (or three!), and them, as a company, taking responsibility and doing minor modifications that corrected the inherent safety issues with this weapon. Kudos to those members, who perhaps, and most likely, saved lives. Heroes aren't just measured by actions that are obvious, but often-times they go unheralded because of the tragedies their actions have prevented, and one need look no further to identify these people than checking-out the P938 "problem" threads that have been merged in the P238/P938 Forum. Great work guys...being bulldogs and I truly believe having ultimately saved lives...every bit as mush as if you were in a bad situation on the streets, and prevented a homicide at any local convenience store! You really should be proud of yourselves, and you know the members of which I am speaking.

Anyways, I did OK though, as $600 for the very popular P938 (back then) made it easy to get my money back selling it used 30 days later, so I basically I had a 30-day "lease" on the P938 for just the cost of the 500 rounds of ammo I put through it. And even though I hadn't found the right Sig for me, it DID put me on track to owing (and loving) the quality of Sig Sauer...IMHO the best "normal" factory production weapons in the business!
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