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Pro cut slide question.

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I got a pro cut slide for axg carry . I I need to change the recoil spring? First 100 or so rounds had a few instances with ejection. Not quite stovepiping, spent casing getting caught horizontally.
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Give it a chance to break in first before you go chasing things like that.
1. Lock back the slide and leave it that way a couple nights.
2. Rack the slide a bunch.
3. Shoot some decent ammo through it, give it 200 rounds total.
Then re-examine it.

I like using the Springer Precision guide rod with 15lb 1911 spring from Nighthawk Custom and it works great. However, I did that for fun. Its an option but I am sure the above will settle your new pistol.
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Post some GOOD PICS of your issue. So, you have a P320 AXG you’ve swapped slides on going with the Pro Cut correct ? If you put the original slide assembly on does it still exhibit the same malfunction ?
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Ah sorry, i assumed a new setup entirely. Is your recoil spring brand new or broken in.

Would like to note the pro cut slide is same weight as a regular slide. Its not milled out in the rear, so the weight is shifted but its not any lighter as most people think due to the front cut outs. I did confirm this with sig.
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