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Bad news for our beloved Sig brand!

The Dutch Police approved a contract to employ a variant of the Sig P250 back in January, but have since changed their minds due to failed tests. Apparently, Sig Sauer was required to modify the pistol in order to meet very specific standards, at which point it would be rigorously re-tested. According to the police minister to the Parliament the pistol has failed three tests and been deemed unsafe for use by Dutch police.

The contract was initially for an order of 45,000 sidearms - it will not be easily absorbed by either party.

What does this mean for the Sig market in the United States? Probably very little, if anything. It's just a black mark in the history books, which is never fun to read about for any brand...much less a favorite.

Side note: a commenter in the source article - who purports to be from the Netherlands - mentions that the police minister, Ivo Opstelten, is somewhat anti-gun and not very knowledgeable about firearms in general. While not confirmed, a quick search of the name yields some supporting news articles, and it does soften the blow a little.

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