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How come the dutch didn't like it?, a flower didn't pop out the end of the barrel when they pulled the trigger?

I never seemed like a good idea to me for quality gun manufacturer like Sig to get into the polymer/DAO market.

20 years from now, the "polymer/DAO" market will be the only one that exists. For Sig to survive, they need to develop DAO/DAK lines in polymer. DA/SA is already dying and will be gone in 20 more years. New production DA/SA will be outlawed within the next 10 years. All guns will be polymer, or whatever replaces it, within 20 years.

The problem isn't getting into these guns, the problem is how they did it. Sig's expertise is ONLY in the Classic P Series design from the 1980-90's. It's all they know. When the management pushed their design people to come up with smaller, lighter, more girl-friendly guns, they failed. Miserably. P250, P290, P238, P938.....all disasters. Poor designs, rushed to market, guaranteed to fail. This incompetence will not end as long as Cohen is there. Any solution must involve his departure.
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