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Picked up a CZ 75B SA today

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My LGS got in quite an assortment of CZs the other day (which is a rarity lately) and among the CZs he got in were a few of the Single Action only models.

Rummaged through the safe and found a few Kahrs that hadn't seen the light of day in a few years. Trading them helped this deal to be a lot sweeter.

It's a beautiful pistol. I think this one is going to be visiting CGW or CZC for some trigger work, nice grips and perhaps a FO front sight

Test target is pretty nice as well [emoji106]

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I had one. Liked most things about it but I didn't care for the long trigger reset. Thought it seemed unnecessarily long for a single action firearm.

Oh, and finding holsters for it was a pain. I thought most standard CZ 75 holsters would fit it but the front lower part of the slide is different on the SA model.

Not bashing your new purchase. It's a crazy accurate pistol and handles and shoots very well. Just didn't fit my particular needs.
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