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Painting and engraving?

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Is there anyway to get my new sig Sauer painted and engraved without voiding the warranty? I don't actually know if it voids the warranty I am just assuming that it does if any old joe does it at least. I have a certified Cerakote/smith guy I take My AR's too - wondering if he will also work for my sig.
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There's a distinct possibility it would, but you won't know until you ask them!
On newer slides which are stainless steel, I wouldn't see a problem, but on grip frames, which are anodized aluminum, I could see a problem! But, once again I'm not Sig!
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Just talked to SIG - they said that painting and engraving will not affect warranty unless the warranty claim would involve the painted/engraved area specifically (for example: you crack your slide right on the engraving). That's preety much what I expected.
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