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p938 problem

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Was at a range shooting my p938 today and had a blast up to about...50 rounds or so then couple shots would not fire.
First I thought it was just a bad ammo but turns out firing pin never hit the primer...twice in a row...
loaded another mag, tried and it worked but this time hammer would not engage as if safe was on. I checked safety and it was off. It happened on the last round and ammo was chambered.

Loaded another mag and it fires but same thing on the last round, trigger pulls but hammer would not engage. Tried another loaded mag and same thing happens.

This time, I loaded one ammo and same thing happened, hammer would not engage. Tried few times and same thing. I thought it "may" need some I packed up, came home , took it apart only to find out that my GUIDE ROD is [email protected]@

Now I have a two question for you guys before I send it back to Sig.
I understand that this particular model has two pieces of guide rod and it can or will shoot out. Happened to me once before. But what is this strange hammer would not engage on the last round in chamber has got to do with guide rod? Another funny thing about it is that when safety is on, I am still able to pull the trigger but sometime my trigger is locked and does not want to move at all. But today, I was still able to pull the trigger as if safety was on but hammer does not want to do anything only on the last round in chamber.

Second question is that can anyone recommend me a gun that is same size as my p938 that are reliable? I love this damn little girl but if it turns out to be unreliable, I gotta find me a alternative. I just love my p938 in my pocket 24/7 but today was bit ugly.

Thanks for reading and I tried to make it short as possible.
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As to your first question, what is the date of manufacture of your P938? More specifically, which sear spring/main spring housing do you have - Gen 1 or Gen 2?

I believe its April of 2014, and not sure about Gen 1 or 2 on sear spring/main spring housing.

Regarding your second, I'll get thrown off this forum, but . . .

S&W Shield
Kahr PM9 (or another of their 9mm's)
Walther PPS M2
Glock 43
I doubt you'll ever gonna get thrown off this but for some reason, I have striker fire system phobia....and have not found a cure for it yet.

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I have three of them, all with the original MSH, and with my "button fix". Tried to get SIG to send me the new version so I could update them myself. CS refused, saying I had to return the guns. Not wanting to go to the hassle of putting my guns back to stock, I refused, and a proper deadlock standoff was reached. Now I've read they have been more accommodating with some customers, so maybe this was early on and they didn't have a lot of spares.

Since the button fix works well, though with a little less bearing surface than the new MSH and spring. I'll not bother to change them.


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It may be possible that with the guide rod having separated, the slide did not fully return to battery. With the slide out of battery, the firing pin block may not disengage fully (light or no FP strike) and the trigger bar disconnect may have also been engaged (hammer failed to drop).

Would also like to know which version (GEN1 or GEN2) MSH and sear spring is in this pistol.

EDIT: On second thought, the firing pin lock may not be a factor in the light/no strikes given how the 938 functions.
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