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This was a weird one I thought I'd share. Like for my P938 Nitron, I procured the Galloway Hammer Spring to install on my new P938 Legion. It was an easy upgrade designed to lighten the trigger by about a pound or so. No issues when I did it myself last time ... Disclaimer: I'm not a Gunsmith. I don't even play on on television.

Broke it down OK, no issues even though the takedown is a pain in the butt with the lever removal always causing me fits. Got there ... semi fit-less. Rotated the Safety lever up and removed the detente spring without bouncing it off the ceiling ... no issues removing the right side Safety lever.

But where the left side Safety lever pulled out last time with no issues, on the Legion model, it's "different" on the left side. And while I could move it just a little, it hit a "lippy hooyah" on the right side of the shaft and I couldn't force it through no matter what I did. Tapped, pulled from the left side, pushed from the right side ... even got scared I was going to break it I was pulling/pushing so hard.

Luckily, you can still get the hammer out with the safety in place, and I was able to replace the stock hammer spring with the upgraded hammer spring ... but I could never get the left-side safety lever out of the pistol.

The right-side of post (opposite the left-side safety lever) is different from on my P938-Nitron.

I'd recommended this Galloway Hammer Spring upgrade to a few guys on the forum, and wanted to warn you that if you're as inept as me, you might want to modify the Youtube procedure and just leave the damn safety in place ... you don't need to remove it in order to swap out the hammer spring.

FYI ... to anyone that cares.
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