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P365xl reloads

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Anyone reloading RMR 124 gr match winners for their P365xl? If so, any issues with shortening OAL to 1.09?
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I do not have a p365, but I have used thousands of RMR MW in other 9MM and 357 Sig with great results. I believe that you can use them with confidence.
I used that COL for 124 gr match winners with my p365xl with true precision threaded barrel. I based the COL on Hodgdons Website for a similar bullet. They seem decently accurate with 5 grains of PFE pistol behind them. My HK VP9 is very accurate with them, the p365xl is just accurate, could be a little better. I found them to be inaccurate with 4.8 grains of PFE and semi accurate with 4.6 grains of PFE.

I could make them slightly longer and was wondering if that would increase accuracy or not? Almost everything about accuracy I find is about custom rifle rounds and not handgun oriented.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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