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P365 W/ Wilson Combat grip.

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A few weeks ago I bought the Wilson Combat grip to replace the stock grip, I finally found the time today to do the deed. Very easy to do the only real hitch was the Mag catch assembly but with a quick YouTube video search and done!
I like the grip angle and texture of the grip and looking forward to shooting it.
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Nice ..
WC.X grip module is fun to shoot at the range ..
For carry I like AC XL grip for better concealment ..


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Those are great looking I really like Wilson combat grips where did you get them at? TY
ArmoryCraft ships way faster than WC site
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Which trigger are you using?

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M-Carbo short take flat trigger
I like it
Nearly every online parts vendor sells them. Personally I'm happy with the OEM grip modules, but it's nice that folks with larger hands finally have a decent option. SIG should've done it years ago.
I actually like the Sig stock XL grip module ,
Better for carry ..
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I’ve found the WC grip module is a little to aggressive/abrasive for IWB. It’s getting pretty hot in AZ and the WC grip IWB without a t-shirt is a bit much. The cooler weather (yes it does get below 100 degrees at times) it isn’t bad. Overall, the dimensions of the WC are pretty good.
I like it at the range but I will put stock XL module on when carry ..
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