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P365 primer drag check

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I’ve had this pistol since December 14t. It was born October 7, 2021. I tested and trained with it and started carrying it everyday on Jan 1st. Yesterday, I ticked over 1600 rounds and it was the first time I had thought to check the spent casings for excessive striker drag. The firing pin issue MAC discovered kept me from trying the 365 for a very long time. I wish I would have given it a shot earlier, but I was that happy with my 42 and the ease of making fist sized holes with it with a quickness.

Does anyone know what the rolling changes were to bring those primer indents back to a rough circle? Are the XL, X, and reg 365 using the same striker and spring components these days? When were the changes made?


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There is plenty of information about this that has been covered over and over again. Do a search and you will find out everything you need to know and more.
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The gen 3 striker has a beveled tip to reduce drag, my XL has one and I get no drag marks. My 2019 P365 has the gen 2 striker that does drag, but I’ve put close to 3K rounds through it without a problem with no signs of wear so I don’t plan on changing it.
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