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Finally. I tested mine. P320C on a SC frame. Wide grip with rails.
Bought with 40S&W and added a .357 SIG barrel for a P250, since SIG doesn't sell it as such.
Two 13 rnd clips of each were fired.
.357= 125 gr V-Crown JHP. The onlyh issue was 1 FTF. The primer is dented by the pin. Same round reloaded twice with no ignition.

.40= Win FN FMJ 165 gr.

My perception is the muzzle rise, recoil, etc feel the same to me. Both are a little intense in SC, but this is a home defense / concealed carry. If the **** hits the fan, all of that doesn't matter.
I intend to try SIG non HP and see how it shoots. But, all things being equal, the .40 is cheaper to shoot. Given it feels the same, there's no reason to burn carry loads at the range.

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