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P320C noob reassembly mistake - any permanent damage?

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I'm new to semi-automatic pistols and guns in general and made a simple mistake the second time I cleaned my P320C. I put the slide back on the frame without first putting in the takedown lever. I realized what I had done but the slide would not come back off the frame. I finally decided to try pulling the trigger which worked and allowed me to take the slide back off and put in the takedown lever and reassemble correctly. Everything seems fine now, I do hear a bit of a spring sound the very first time I dry fire after racking the slide that I don't remember hearing before, but honestly I have not dry fired much at all so I don't know if I just didn't notice it before. To all you gun pros, does what I describe sound like it could have cause any damage, or am I good to go?

I won't be making that mistake again, it scared me when the slide wouldn't come back off at first lol.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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