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P320C 45 ACP X-Change Kits

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I'd like to get an exchange kit for my 320 in 45 ACP. I've been looking around and see exchange kits for 9MM/40/357, and I've seen where you can not go form a 9 to a 45, which I get. But, do they make or have x-change kits to go from a 45 ACP to a 9MM? I really like the idea of have 'swaps' like this. I have a swap barrle and mags for my Glock 23 to a 9MM 17/19. I've got a Sig P229 in 40, and this would 'round me out' in calibers so to speak. Look slike a lot of stuff is 'sold out' that is OK, I can wait. (good things....)
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Since you have a 45FCU, then just get any of the 9/357/40 X-Change kit you want.
You can put a .45 FCU in a 9/40/357 kit as many have done before. To be clear, you need everything, grip module, mag, slide, barrel, rsa.. Bear in mind that the takedown safety (blocks takedown with a mag still inside) will no longer function.

The .45 ejector is a bit shorter so ejection may be affected (although others say it's fine). The slide lock lever is also different but I don't recall that being an issue.

Sig still has some xchange kits for 9, .40 and .357sig on their website. Not many left, so you should grab one while you can. .40 to .357 sig (or the reverse) only requires a barrel. The mags are the same. The grip module is the same for all 3 but you need a complete top end and mag.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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