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P320 Zev Slide Tooling Marks

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I just picked up one of the P320 Zev slides to make an Xcarry/Xcompact hybrid. This is the first aftermarket slide I’ve ever bought, and mine came with some machining marks on the underside around the cutouts. Only one of the circles can actually be felt (bottom right), the rest are flat.

Is this to be expected from Zev’s P320 slides/aftermarket slides in general, or should I try to swap for another one?

The outside is nearly perfect, for what it’s worth.

Edit: It looks like my XCompact and M18 both have similar marks in that area, so I’m betting this is normal with the P320 slides milled by Sig. Probably just more noticeable with a non-black slide.
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I just picked one up from the midway sale. The prices are great but there is some tooling marks. My understanding is that the slides are blanks from sig that Zev just finishes, that’s prob why the inside looks the same. As info I have an older one in black and this new one is grey. I see the slide cut tooling marks on this grey one a lot more then the black.
Zev slides are made from Sig blanks that Sig mills to Zev specifications. Zev sends them out to be finished by a third-party. They don't do anything at all to the slides themselves. I had a Zev slide before I sold it, and unfortunately that is typical. Wasn't as bad as yours but still.
I had a few pistols apart for cleaning yesterday including my two P320s and a G19 Gen 4, and all of the slides had some form of those marks visible. Definitely chalking this up to me never noticing because they’re black and this one is grey.

At least they’re not on the outside!
But that's what is so annoying! They are obviously capable of not leaving those marks, but on such a high dollar item they said screw it, don't care.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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