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Hey ya'll,

Oddly specific request if anyone has any insight into this or if you've run something similar to this and could help me with some sight sizing. I have an X5 Legion that I got last year and during the beginning of this year I snagged myself an XCarry Pro LE slide that I sent to PMM to have some dual top window cuts done and some gray PVD coating to match the Legion slide. I'm gunna run a PMM dual-port comp setup and I got myself a CHPWS filler plate to mount a Trijicon SRO to the slide. I want the gun to have the same look/feel as the stock Legion slide (hence the cuts and coating) and I wanted to get a set of Dawson sights to go along with it while I wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday to pick up my SRO. I reached out to Dawson to see if they could help and they basically told me to mount the SRO to the slide and measure the height above the dovetail that it sits and order a rear sight that is 0.100" taller than that, and a front sight that is 0.025" taller than the rear...the only problem is I don't have the SRO and I won't have it for a few months, and I wanted to get these sights on before, otherwise I would just run the SRO with no iron sights.

Anyone running a CHPWS filler plate on a Pro/LE Pro slide with an SRO that would be able to tell me how tall it sits over the rear dovetail? Or perhaps anyone who is running a Dawson sight set that can help me. Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys.

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