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P320 X5 slide racker?

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He's right though.

You're asking for custom parts on a gun that came out a month ago because you've installed a Frankenstein custom mod that limits its usability. Not sure what you're envisioning that is gonna happen where you need to play in two different competition types in a day and are unable to take 5 minutes between matches to swap the mounting plates but it would be an extreme edge case. And if you are that serious about competing and really don't have the luxury of time to swap the plates, as the manufacturer intended (and built into their system!), then it shouldn't be a huge issue to just buy a second version of the same gun and run one with a reflex and one without.

To answer your question fully, there are no slide rackers purpose built for the x5 so you can either custom fab one or take the common sense approach and work with what you have.

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