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P320 with Leupold DPP

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I bought a P320 new from a local pawn shop/gun shop. It was the base model, old style grip module, no optic cut-out.
It was a non-safety model, I don't see the need for a safety on this pistol.
I sent the slide to Jager Werks in Kalamazoo, Michigan for an optic cut and re-Nitron finishing. They also said if I sent the DPP and night sights, they would mount them for me.
All for $175. Ok I'm in. I sent it off on April 6th and it was checked in April 11th. I got it back today. (June 18th)
In the meantime I got an X-frame grip module, a Sig Custom Shop FCU, Armory Craft mag well, Tungsten weight, GGI trigger kit. (Trigger, sear, 2 spring sets) I perfer the A.C. trigger, but this one came with the kit. I also added an Armory Craft solid guide rod and spring set.
The refinishing is flawless, looks Sig factory. I have a couple of photo's and I won't get to shoot it til next week....
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The only original part is the slide assembly.
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I was enamored of the hype from the custom shop. I had it for a while before I got started with this project.
Actually any FCU could be outfitted with the Gray Guns kit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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