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I finally got to the range and got to use my SilencerCo Hybrid with my P320. First off I need to say .... OMG .... Its stupid quite :eek::eek:

I had some interesting results and what to share them and get some feed back.

My setup
P320 Compact 40sw
OEM Sig 9mm Threaded barrel
40/357sig mags and recoil spring
Speer Lawman 9mm 147gr
SilencerCo Hybrid with 13x1 LH piston

The 9mm barrel works great with the 40/357sig slide, mag and recoil spring. Granted the recoil with the 147gr bullets seems very very soft. The spent round ejection also was very soft. The 40/357sig casings flew much further than the 9mm casings.

I then attached the Hybrid and the first 5 rounds didn't ejected. I had to manually cycle the slide. After the 5th, or so, round the P320 started to cycle better. By the end of the first mag, the gun was cycling the same as it was without the Hybrid attached.

Final thoughts
I have used several other Sig pistols with drop-in Sig factory 9mm barrels and the Hybrid. Those pistols have many more rounds on their 40/357sig recoil springs.

The biggest difference with the my P320 is that the 40/357sig recoil spring is still new. It has less than 500 40sw or 357sig rounds on it. My other pistols have many rounds on the 40/357sig recoil spring. I think the soft recoil and case ejection is due to the still new and stiff 40/357sig recoil spring. I think that more I use the recoil spring the better it will handle the 9mm round.

I think the issues with the Hybrid is a combo of the 40/357sig recoil spring and the less powerful 9mm 147gr round. Once the Hybrid warmed up (hot to the touch) the gun cycled fine. I'm assuming this is because the can built up its internal pressure.

Whats next
I'm planning to run more 357sig rounds through the compact setup to work in the recoil spring. I also may reach out to Sig customer service and see if they think purchasing a 9mm recoil spring would help.

Any other thoughts or insights???

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Just a little update

I ask Sig customer service and I got crickets. They said the 9mm is not supported in the 40/357sig slide. Well .. ya .. duh. There is a difference between supported and working. I pressed them a little bit, but still got nothing.

I plan to shoot more 357sig and break in the recoil spring.

In a few weeks I may see if Sig will sell me just a 9mm recoil spring.

I looked at GreyGuns, but they didn't have a Compact/Carry guide rod/spring option for the P320.
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