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I'm looking into getting a P320 to start shooting USPSA production class. The full size 9mm are difficult to find right now, especially without the night sights. Since I will be shooting mostly in daylight, I want a fiber optic front sight so I started looking at the TACOPS model ( and I will need the extra mags.

If anyone out there has one of these I'm wondering what the total height is with the mag in from the top of the gun to the bottom of the mag. The gun is 5.5" according to the Sig website, but it doesn't say how long the extended mag is. I have to be able to fit the gun in a 8.938" x 6" box to shoot in the production class. If anyone has the 21 round mag and could measure the extension that would be helpful as well. It looks like about 1", which would make the gun a tight fit for the box or probably not fit at all. I don't need the extra round capacity, but the extra grip on the mag would be nice to have.
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