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I don't know about that particular sight tool. I bought a "cheap" universal tool. Would not work on my P320. Sent it back and reverted to my old method. A pin punch and hammer and lots of lube.
Took the sights out right to left, installed new sight left to right. This was for the front sight only.

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Does the P320 use the same sight tool as the other Classic pistols like the 226 & 229?

Specifically this one:
Sight Adjustment Tool : SIG SAUER SIGHT ADJUSTMENT TOOL | Brownells

Also, do the sights remove L-R or R-L?
No that one will not work, the 250/320 series and also the SigPro Series (2009/2022/2340) have different dimensioned slides, although the sights themselves are interchangeable.

The only one I am familiar with is the MGW Sight Pro, which requires different "shoes" for each different series of gun involved.
MGW SIGHT PRO | Brownells

Scan this Brownells listing, and you can see, that the 238, 938, also use different "shoes".

At $300 for the basic tool, it is quite an investment, but if you deal with several different brands, and even models of firearms, this could be a worthwhile investment.


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I LOVE my SightPro from MGW!

Worth the money if you have a nice collection of guns and plan to do site replacements and adjustments.
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