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P320 RX w/o the RX ?

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I am considering getting a P320 X-five, and swapping the Romeo1 from my RX onto it. I will not have a use for the RP320 RX once I have the X-five as my range/target gun.

I am looking for opinions on; Is the P320 RX worth anything used, without the Romeo1? Without the Romeo, it will have a milled area in the slide, but someone could add the Romeo1 at a later date? Is it worth at least what a FS P320 is, or less?

Thanks in advance for the input.
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From the factory, the 320RX is a great package because it sells for less than the gun and optic would cost if they were purchased separately.

Without the optic, I'd say an RX gun would be worth the same as a regular 320 in similar condition. I can't see why it would be worth less, unless the exposed milled area makes the gun look super ugly.

Some might even consider it to be more valuable, since it could accept a Romeo without modification if the owner ever wanted to exercise that option.
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