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P320 RX and Frangible Ammo

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Today I shot at a range that only allowed Frangible ammo. First time I have shot this range or used this type of ammo. Ammo was made by ICC, 100 grain bullets.
After shooting 25 rounds I had one fail to feed. After clearing the gun, it shot fine and I shot 10-15 more rounds and had another fail to feed. Its the only time this gun ever had a hick-up. Have shot close to 800 rounds of different weight 9mm and its ate everything with no problem. Don't know if its the flat bullet profile as the bullets were flat points, or something else.
These rounds shoot like 147 grain 9mm, very light recoil, and no smoke what so ever. Kind of weird to be shooting and not have some smoke, but POI was the same, as close as I could tell.
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Theres the rub , Very lite recoil . That load maybe have a borderline energy level to cycle the slide reliably unless your really locked down with your grip control . Remember the 9mm is using the same recoil system that a 357sig and 40sw have .

If it runs fine with normal standard power and +P ammo ammo then the problem is that icc range ammo .

Are you shooting at SFSA ?? Or any special ammo rules ?
You could try at Cecil M Webb wild life area too .

I use to shoot at CMW on occasion being from collier county for my first 40 years ! Use to be some good hunting up that way .
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