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P320 - Questions - Threading FS Barrels for Compact/Carry Slide

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I'm planning to order a P320 FS 357sig barrel and having it threaded for use in my Compact/Carry slide. I planning to using the Sig standard, but annoying, 13.5x1 LH TPI threading and mate it with my SilencerCo Hybrid. I already have the 13.5x1 LH piston for my 9mm barrel.

I have measured and eyeballed by 9mm Compact/Carry threaded barrel to my 357sig Compact/Carry. The only difference I can find is the FS barrel is longer. The overall blank looks to be basically the same.

I know 357sig round isn't subsonic and the sonic crack will still be present. The pressure from the 357sig round will easily be handled by my SilencerCo Hybrid. Its more about I really like the 357sig round so why not make it even more fun with a suppressor :cool:

Has anyone treaded the factory P320 FS barrel and used it in Compact/Carry slide?
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Haven't heard of anyone doing so, but it is an interesting idea.

You sure do have a lot of fun with that P250/P320 interchangeability huh!? More so than anyone else I seen on the forum. Cheers.

If you do this, please update.
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