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P320 Options

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I am wanting to add a full size P320 to the safe but have a question regarding the two options I've narrowed it down to.

1: The X Full

2: The RXP X Full

The intended purpose of the pistol will be a ****/taking classes/(maybe) competition pistol. I know for sure I want to have a red dot on the gun but if I get the RXP the Romeo will be replaced with something better eventually.

My question really is about the irons on the pistols. The X Full has a rear sight that is mounted to the optics plate whereas the RXP has a rear suppressor size sight dovetailed to the slide. Has anyone found these suppressor sights useful on the RXP as a backup? I like the idea of having decent backup sights in case the red dot fails.

I have a Holosun coming for a P365XL which has a small backup rear sight on it - it works but is a serious compromise.

Basically I am asking if the dovetailed sights are worth it? Are there options for either having the rear slide on a regular X dovetailed for suppressor type sights down the road? I don't have a problem spending money doing these extra things to the gun but don't want to be pigeon holed into things either especially when some of the nicer red dots out there (looking at you Trijicon) don't have any rear sight like the Holosun.

Just wanting opinions. Thanks!
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I got the RXP and am very happy I did. To me they are very usable. It makes it a lot simpler having the sight separate from the optic plate. After I keep reading how all these people are trying to put these optics on and the problems I am glad I got this one.
I also went the dovetailed separate sight option and then added suppressor height sights to it myself.
The Delta Point Pro also has the ability to add a rear sight to the RDS.
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If you can find the Pro model full size they also have the sights separate from the plate. If you qualify for the Sig APP program Osage has the X Full Pro in stock already with the suppressor height sights on it.
I also went the dovetailed separate sight option and then added suppressor height sights to it myself.
Who did you use for this?
Well after a day of research I ended up going with the regular X Full

Looking forward to picking it up and shooting it! Planning on putting the Romeo on it.
When picking up the x-compact I struggled with if I wanted the x-compact or the x-compact rxp. I went with the regular x-compact because I wanted to shoot irons at first and I know with the romeo 2 it has a built in rear sight that is better than the romeo 1 pro so then all I would need to do is replace the front sight. I don't regret it at all as the iron sights are awesome and it will be at least a few months before I am looking to add an optic by which time hopefully the romeo 2s are in higher circulation.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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