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P320 MUST have parts!

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I see some new people here so might as well give the heads up on some must have parts.

First and foremost you will want the ArmoryCraft +10% reset spring. Don't ask, just get it and install, your welcome!

Next is if you have a X Series, M17/18 or a slide that the rear sight is removed with the plate and has the Delta Point Pro / Romeo 1 Pro footprint and you want to either install a Trijicon RMR (will also fit certain Holoson models with RMR footprint) or an Aimpoint ACRO: Go to Forward Control Designs and order their steel sight plate. I have tried the CHPWS, BoBro, and found that the FCD plate to be superior. You also can order the rear sight for the plate as well.

Grips: this is more of a guideline, if you find your regular P320 grip lacking, you have two choices in the reasonable price range. The X Series grip or the Wilson. If you want a much narrow grip with better front and rear strap texture over the standard 320 grip, the Wilson MIGHT be the one for you (note it only comes in ONE size, no small, medium, large). If you want a grip that more "full" feeling in the hand, has flat sides, then the X Series grip MIGHT be for you. Now you MIGHT wonder why I put the emphasis on MIGHT. Because until you feel it in your hand you really won't know which you like better. Some love the Wilson better, others the X Series.

Last but not least, do you feel your slide stop / release could use some improvements? Do you wish the the slide stop wouldn't bite into your thumb when trying to lock the slide back? Want something that is that much easier to release the slide? Wilson Combat has their enhanced slide stop that fits the bill!

Note: I am not paid for these statements, this is from someone who has used these parts on a daily conceal carry and still using them. You get what you paid for this information! 😉
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Totally agree on the Armory Craft +10% trigger bar spring. It isn't a game-changer, but definitely an improvement - really gives a nice tactile reset.
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