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P320 full size 40/357 recoil spring

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Just a quick question.

What lb recoil spring would those in the know recommended for some hot 40 155-165 gr. Or 357 SIG 125 gr. (320 w/4.7" barrel)?

If anyone is shooting juiced up 357/40 in a full size 320, your input would be greatly appreciated.

If there is a thread with a concensus on this already just let me know.

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Recommendations for best place to source the springs also appreciated.
factory green is ~18lbs so for some hot stuff id do 20lb. Do you use a solid guide rod?
A captured spring, solid guide rod.

Now need to source some. Would like to grab a few different weights.

The captured ones are 2 pieces not one.
I do not believe they are made to change the springs on.
For a fullsize slide 4.7" you are best getting a solid guide rod then you can use 1911 springs. Look at armory craft or WC
Right. Have the guide rod. Just looking for spring recommendations before I start experimenting on my own. Looks like the 1911 springs are the ticket for me at this point.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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