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P320 carry 9mms vs Springfield XD mod 2 9mms 4"

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I have purchased signs before, rifles....yes, I am an ex glock owner.. the g 30s 45 acp was really screwing up my hands.. 50 yrs old with R.A... and psoriatic arthritis.. yes.. both.. anyways.. I handed my 45 to my oldest son..he's loves it... so I went and started playing with sigs pistols.. I happened a cross a p320..... 9mm. It was a carry. First 5 rounds .. centered and put two in one hole.. it felt good.. then I rented a full size..too many rounds were not centered..then grabbed the carry again.. 7 rounds centered again.. felt great.. tried a compact... does not fit my boxing glove hands and the s.c... felt too small.... so.. fired about 200 rds with the carry.. thought this was it.. I gotta have it.. well my wife stepped into the lane and loved it as well.. well.. let me make a long story short.. she went and tried a Springfield XD mod 2 ,9mm. 4" barrel.. she loved it so much.. she bought one...I tried it.. I can feel a difference in the trigger... not as clean and smooth as a Sig 320carry... my question is this ...has any one on this site .. compared the two?.. I have read a lot of people trying compacts and sub compacts against the XD Mod 2.. yet ,no one specifies that they compared the sig 320 carry 9mm, up against the Xdmod2.... what are your thoughts?. Anyone?