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P320 C 45 ACP- Soft shooter?

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For those who have compact 45s, can you describe the recoil? I hear & read it’s a soft shooter, but how does it compare to a 1911 or G30?

Know recoil interpretation is subjective but trying to get as much of a sense how it compares to my 1911s with standard 230 FMJ loads.

I have several 45s, 1911s, P220 carry, S&W 625, but as I age and after being rear ended last summer, my right hand is more sensitive to recoil than before.

I really enjoy my 9mm 320s. My favorite striker guns.

thanks in advance
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The P320 45 compact is my favorite set up. I have a few decades of shooting various 45's, and Browning Hi-power, before picking up a P320. Being a polymer 45, I had reservations, but was won over immediately., with how soft, and controllable recoil felt. In a direct comparison with the Colt Gold Cup Commander, the P320 shoots a bit softer, in my opinion.
I own all three of the handguns mentioned (320C ,G30, 1911). I'd rate them 1911, 320C, G30 in order least recoil to most recoil but the difference between the three isn't much at all.
The 320C in .45 ACP is the easiest to shoot .45 of any I have owned. Currently I also shoot Glock 21 and 41 models as well, but my 320C is my favorite. MUCH easier to shoot than the Glock 30S I tried to like but just couldn't due to its very unpleasant recoil factor. Like some others here I have been shooting .45 ACP for a long time, inasmuch as I am now most definitely what is generally considered a "senior citizen." I have arthritis in my right wrist which complicates things a bit, another reason why I enjoy shooting the 320C when going the .45 route.
My 320/45 carry has shooting characteristics like my old 1911 commander. Moderate recoil with 230 gr ammo. Not really soft but for me, very controllable
Thanks to all who responded- appreciate it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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