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In my continued quest to find a comfortable trigger for my P290RS I have installed a trigger from RTK Strategic. The factory trigger was swapped out months ago for a Galloway Antioch curved trigger and spring kit. The springs did help lighten the pull but I could never get used to the 'catch' (as the Galloway gunsmith calls it on the install video). It was never comfortable to shoot, my guess is because being such a small gun my finger would tend to fall right on the upper edge of the catch. The discomfort shooting did not help accuracy either. I knew RTK made a curved trigger but for some reason their website would not come up in a search. So as a last ditch effort I removed the Galloway trigger and removed the catch. The improvement in feel was like night and day. It seemed to have made my shooting more accurate although it was difficult to tell on the very windy day I tried it out.
After modifying the Galloway trigger all of a sudden the RTK website was back online so I ordered one of their triggers and installed it. Feel is much the same as the modified Galloway, with the RTK trigger being just a bit narrower and longer. I don't have any issue with pinching between the trigger and the hump inside the trigger guard. It looks better too. Hopefully I'll get to the range in a few days to try out the RTK trigger and see how I shoot with it.

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