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P239 history

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I currently own a 239/40 which i acquired new in 1999. I do not carry it as it is too bulky for CC on me. I currently am CC with a 1911 ultra in 45 and I love it. It is a bit on the heavy side but works for me. I have been looking for an alternative and have been interested in the P320 line. I ran across the P239s and they seem to be smaller and less bulky and a tad lighter. I did not have mine with me to compare against, so thought I would ask here. Have the 239s gone through a slim down?

P239 /40
1911 C3
1911 Ultra compact
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As bearone2 stated... there is a possibility, if you have owned it since '99, that you may have put on Hogue rubber grips, which are thicker than the newer generation of G-10 grips that are available.
Your P239-40 may could use a "make-over", and you may reconsider it as a carry option.
While the 320 would be a new option, with its constant trigger pull, the 239 with it's DA/SA capabilities, allows the best of both worlds. The long deliberate double action pull for the first shot without having to deal with a mechanical safety, and if necessary, the ability to fire short double taps if the need arises. The "extra weight" comes in handy when dealing with the .40, more than a 9mm. Only you can be the judge!
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