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P229 SAO Legion - accurate to 125 yards today

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I'm working this year with a trainer that owns his own range. At the end of today's lesson, he asked me to come to the classroom a long walk away from the main range area - but not put the gun away. When we arrived, he pointed to a smallish metal competition target 125 yards away on a berm, and challenged me to hit it. I took a few shots to get sighted in, then hit 7 in a row with my P229 SAO Legion. I didn't think I could do that!!! It was fun validation for trigger control and my self-confidence, but even more, a great example that P229 (and other classic Sigs...and heck, probably P320's as well) are amazing tools, limited primarily by our skills and training.

Couldn't resist sharing what a P229 can do...had never thought of it as a 100+ yard shooter!
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That's pretty awesome. I need to take mine out to the outdoor range and see what it can do at distance. I've been very impressed with it at the 20yard indoor range.
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